Mighty Moms

Welcome to my new blog.    I am hoping with each entry,  you will see something that makes you think and in some cases inspires you to try something new.   Lately, I am spending a lot of time at various ice rinks watching my 11 year old son play hockey.  It’s a total blast to watch.  I can only imagine how much fun it would be to play.  And what a great workout!!  My son comes off the ice and he is sweating like a pig  Hmm. a little buzzer goes off in my head.  Could I do this? Would it be a good new addition to my winter fitness regimen? Just as I am considering this,  I run into a friend of a friend at a local watering hole and he tells me how he is coaching moms every Friday morning.  So while the kids are in school hitting the books, their mighty moms are hitting the ice.  I decide to check it out for myself.  

I am totally fired up to play. Only one thing is stopping me right now and that is equipment.   You gotta have halfway decent skates, pads and a helmet.  So you might say my plans to hit the ice are on ice, at least for now.  Maybe I can raid my son’s hockey bag.  On second thought, I am scared to unzip the big black smelly duffel.     I’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, there are more opportunities than ever for moms to get out of the bleachers and onto the ice.  Check out these statistics I found on the website of the Women’s Hockey Associaton of Minnesota.  In 1990, 6-thousand women were registered to play hockey in the U.S. Now that number is closer to 60-thousand. For more information about programs in your neighborhood you can visit the WHAM website.