About Lori (lryanis)

I am the mother of two boys who are 16 months apart. They are now in 5th and 7th grades and I am in my early 40’s. Life has never been better. The kids are mostly fun to be around, unless they are fighting with each other or arguing with us about getting homework done. I have been working full-time since before they were born. I worked in TV News for the majority of my adult life. Six years ago, I jumped off the media ship and dove head first into the family fashion biz. Now, in the latest chapter of my life, I am on a path of self discovery. I am pushing the envelope a little bit by trying a variety of activities and projects I would never have even considered a couple years ago. It wasn’t until I turned 41 that I ran my first half marathon. Before turning 40, I could barely finish a 5k. October 30th, 2010, I ran the Monster Dash Half and I actually made a costume for it. It’s the first time I had done anything crafty since grade school.  My husband was starting to worry about me. As I was measuring, cutting, painting and pinning, he kept asking, “what happened to my wife?”. 

For me, finishing the costume was actually a bigger deal than finishing the race with a PR of 1:50:34.  Maybe it’s a rebirth of sorts. As I try all of these new things, I am gaining confidence to expand my horizons even more. Hence the name for the blog. See Think Try. Some days, it is easier than others. Let me give you some examples. We had our first snowstorm of the season November 13th and I couldn’t believe how heavy the snow was, so I went outside and starting shooting video with my flip cam. No big deal. Just having some fun. I put some music to it, posted on you tube and the next thing I know I am getting contacted by Good Morning America. Guess what, that inspired me to grab my camera again.  In case you haven’t seen it.  Here’s a link.

Some days are harder. You have to get past the self doubt. The questions bubbling inside like why am I doing this? Is this a waste of time? Does anyone care? When I look at my blog and see viewed by 5 people when other bloggers have 50-thousand subscribers, it can be discouraging. I could easily talk myself into hanging up the towel. But you have to hang on to those few moments of success and remember you can’t achieve without trying.