This place is cool

This is one of those blogs that will have you saying.. remember when we were kids.  There are so many gadgets and machines available to our children now that we would never have even dreamed of 30 years ago.  It’s nice to know not everything created these days is designed to keep our kids glued to a computer, ipod or TV screen. 

Inventors are also making huge strides these days  in the area of fitness.   After what I saw last night, the regular treadmill seemed “sooo yesterday”.   My son’s hockey team went to a place last night called “1st Hockey” in Edina, Minnesota.  You could hear the dads in the group saying, “we never had this stuff when we were growing up.”   

The workout started with the kids trying the state of the art skating treadmill.   Have you seen one before?   The trainer set the treadmill at 7 miles an hour for the 4th and 5th graders.  For the previous group of 8th grade boys, it was set at 13 miles an hour.  The hardest part seemed to be just getting started.   

Is it my turn yet?

Reflecting on your childhood, is there anything your kids have available to them now, that you wish you had when you were growing up?