Halloween Candy. Keep it? or Dump it?

It’s almost Christmas and we still have so much Halloween Candy left you would think it was Election Day (just a few days after Halloween).   I did a quick 15 second video to show you our current stash.

If you have been following my blog, then you know I am on a mission to eliminate the clutter in my house. You’ve seen the sales signs “Everything Must Go”???  It’s been the purge of the decade at our house.  But when I got to the Halloween Candy, I could not bring myself to  throw it away.  If it were up to my husband, he would have tossed it 2 weeks ago, but I wouldn’t let him.   That’s because every now and then mom needs a KitKat fix.  And I am not the only one digging in the bags.    I found empty wrappers mixed in with the candy today.   I am sure my boys and their friends are enjoying a little treat now and then.  Who knows maybe hubby just wants it gone because he doesn’t want to eat anymore of it??

So I asked my friends on Facebook and Twitter if they had any advice on what to do with all of this leftover candy. 

@mogelsonlevy -Freeze and use for baking (I better learn to bake. Do you have any personal recipe favorites? I found these recipes on line. )

@tweenmom–Freeze, then use the blender or coffee bean grinder to make ice cream sprinkles, bits for brownies and cookies, bits to stir in coffee (Feels very Coldstone Creamery. I like it)

@realwomengolf– we just moved ours to the basement pantry.  We think of it as an emergency supply.  (Isn’t there always a candy emergency?)

@mthoe-we tuck it away up high in the cupboards for kids to have as dessert

@tfk-keep and stash

@dazarian-daughter keeps it under her bed (for how long?)

Notice the trend.   They are all keeping it.  Not one replied to throw it away.   For me, I think the real issue is waste.  There must be 10-15 dollars worth of candy in those bags.  The little bag of KitKats I bought to pass out on Halloween cost like 3 or 4 bucks.  Maybe I could donate it?  Anyone know an organization that wants candy? What if I threw in a few canned goods with it? 

 Or if I freeze it, could we pass it out next Halloween?