January at the Gym

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Okay, I am bugged.  You won’t hear me spew negativity too often, but I just hate what happens at the Health Club every January.   It’s like the gym is taken over by Resolution Setters.  They show up, take all the good parking spots, create lines at the check-in, fill up the lockers, and crowd my favorite classes.   Then 6 weeks later, they disappear.

You can’t tell me you  haven’t experienced the same pattern at your gym too.   And I don’t blame the health club.  They do a pretty good job accommodating the extra traffic.    You can’t expect the club to make any major changes knowing most of the Resolution Setters will soon return to their sedentary ways.

I go to the gym consistently 3-4 days a week and I have been doing this for many years.  I am always trying to convince people why they should join a health club.   I love inspiring people to exercise.  So I have to ask myself why this annual surge in gym attendance gets me so riled up.   I think it’s because most of the new January gym goers turn out to be short timers. 

I would like to use this blog as a challenge to the Resolution Setters.  Prove us gym regulars wrong. Show us you can stick with it and maybe we’ll have more respect and tolerance for you from this day forward.

I promise to show up tomorrow with a big, welcoming smile.   If you promise to stick to your resolution.  What do you say?