Bullying episode is put to rest with an unexpected twist

Friday, my blood was boiling when I found out someone had shoved and slapped by 7th grade son at school.  Monday,  school officials confirmed my son did nothing to initiate it and the boy who bullied him would be disciplined. 

In Monday’s blog,  “When your child doesn’t feel safe at school”  , we were still uncertain about the outcome.   I wasn’t as angry Monday as I was on Friday, but I still had lingering questions about this other student.  My hope at that time, was for a peaceful resolution mediated by a school liaison officer.  

What happened Tuesday, inadvertently, was even better. 

At our school meeting Monday, the Assistant Principal and Dean promised us, this other student would be removed from 6th hour Gym, the only class he and my son share together.   However,  Tuesday, a staff person mistakenly told the other boy to follow his old schedule and sent him to that gym class.   Oops.

What could have been a very uncomfortable situation for my son, turned out just the opposite.   Without prompting by anyone, this boy approached my son in the locker room and said he was sorry.   My son said it was very sincere.  He was grateful, and said thank you in return.

As parents, we could easily be angry with the school for dropping the ball on a promise that had been made to keep the boys apart.  However, I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. 

That unexpected personal apology came as a total relief to my son.  He didn’t hesitate to forgive. No mediator or adult needed.

My husband and I could not feel any better about how this ended.  We hope both boys feel the same.