How do you say “I love you”?

How do you typically celebrate Valentine’s Day? Cards, flowers, dinner reservations?

Have you ever considered partner yoga?

If you asked me last week, I would have said no way, not my thing.  Maybe it’s fear of the unfamiliar.   Then my business partner, Jessica Rosenberg, invited me to check out the partner yoga class she was teaching at Blooma Yoga in Edina.   Unfortunately for me, I didn’t go with my hubby as a student.   I went as a spectator with my flipcam.   Watch the video and see what you think.

As I was taping, I have to admit, I felt a little uncomfortable.  The couples were connecting on such a personal level, I felt like an intruder.  I just wanted to put my camera away, click my heels three times and have my husband appear.  The whole experience seemed so romantic to me on so many levels.   I appreciated how the couples took turns giving and receiving during the Thai Yoga stretching postures.    Also watching the couples breathe and move in sync seemed to foster a stronger bond.   And where would a relationship be without trust?  You could see how trust and compassion were involved in many of the poses.  Finally, as the couples moved through some of the acro-yoga poses, you could hear the giggles as they worked together.   It just seemed like a great way to unwind the mind, stretch the body and make a souful connection away from the kids. 

I would love to say, next partner yoga class, I am in.  However, I still have to convince the husband to go with me.   That might be harder than some of the poses in the video.   At least, I might be able to get him to try some of the meditations and stretches with me at home. 

And while this particular class had a more romantic flavor for Valentine’s Day, partner yoga can also be done with friends, yoga buddies, siblings, parents or children.  So that may be another way for folks to enjoy the benefits that partner yoga has to offer.