Shoplifting arrest draws criticism from customers – Watch the video and decide

A routine trip to the grocery store tonight turned out to be anything but routine.

As I was walking into the store, I noticed a guy and girl who seemed to be scuffling.  At first I thought it was a boyfriend-girlfriend deal. So I hung around for a second. If it escalated, I was going to call 911.   Within 30 seconds, it was clear this wasn’t a domestic dispute and this girl was no victim.

It was undercover security officer trying to arrest a very uncooperative shoplifting suspect.   And that’s when I started shooting the video.

What’s unsettling to me is how some of the customers react.  They think the officer is too physical. And they’re quick to defend the suspect and scold the security officer.

Is it because he’s a black man and the suspect is a young white woman?

Would they have been that bothered if the officer was white and the suspected shoplifter was black?

You tell me.

Bottom line is the officer is just trying to stop her from leaving.  And she’s defiant, trying to flee the scene. What choices does he have but to grab her and hold onto her?

He asked her several times to return to the store with him.

This is where we let the tape do the talking.

As you watch this video, here’s what to look for and listen for.

1. The cart full of goods next to the doorway that she is accused of stealing. (it’s chock full of stuff, said to be worth more than a grand)

2. The sound of her accusing the officer of abuse.. really?

3. When police finally do arrive, you can see her holding out her arms to show the marks.

4. The customer who storms outside to express her displeasure with the way the security officer conducted himself.

5. The police car driving away  (and you can’t see it, but the suspect’s in the backseat wearing handcuffs. )

(If you are watching on a mobile device, click here for another YouTube format)

I would be curious what you take away from the video and how you think this situation was handled.

Some customers were outraged at Target!  Personally, I think the lady is guilty as _____ or she wouldn’t have put up a fight like that.

So I say, way to go Target!