It’s the little things

Right now I am sitting at the rink killing time while my son is at practice.  I have a few options.  I could stand by the window and watch.  (no, boring).  I could pull up a chair and watch the Vikes game on the rink TV. (nah, why?). Or I could pull out the laptop and write another blog. (yes, why not?).

I just needed a topic.  So I reflected on the events of my day and then it hit me.

My husband’s car was blocking mine in the driveway tonight, so he suggested I take his car to drive our son to hockey practice.   As I pulled out the driveway, I noticed the car was low on gas.  There was plenty of fuel to get me to and from the rink on this icy cold night.  But then I had this epiphany.  When was the last time I did something totally unexpected and nice for my husband? I racked my brain and I couldn’t remember.

Just the night before, he brought me hot tea in bed when I had a headache.  And he folded and put away all the kids’ laundry.   I really appreciated it.  I didn’t ask him to do it.  He just did it.

Then it occurred to me.  I would drop my son off at practice and head to Costco to fill up my hubby’s car with gas, on this, the coldest night of the season so far.  When I walked up to the pump, I wasn’t cold. I was all warm inside at the thought of what I was doing.  Judging by the size of my smile,  you would have thought I hit a 200 dollar pull tab.   All I could think about was:  What a sweet surprise this will be for him in the morning when he gets in the driver’s seat.

A typical day starts with the face below.

"What it's like being married to me"

Filling up a spouse’s gas tank is such a little thing.  Anyone reading this is probably shaking their head thinking, “That’s the nicest thing she’s done for her husband lately? What a joke.”    I think I am so focused on doing nice things for my kids, their friends and parents, I neglect my husband the most.

Now, I am determined to surprise him again,  sooner than later.

When is the last time you did something for your spouse or partner to surprise them? What did you do?  How did they react?