Cleaning up my act for 2011

Anyone else have an issue with clutter? Seems like the piles in our house just keep getting bigger and bigger.    In the past, I could easily blame the mess on a hectic schedule.  Heck, between work and kids activities, I never really noticed how out of control the clutter had become.  My hubby would complain, but I just brushed it off.   Then today it hit me like a lead balloon.  The house was so messy it could be featured in one of those Reality Hoarding shows.  It’s that bad.    I couldn’t believe we had a professional organizer here just a couple years ago who filled up two commercial containers with junk.   Where did all of this new crap come from?  I guess at this point, it doesn’t matter.   So I looked at my husband and decided we should videotape BEFORE shots of every room.   Then hopefully, by the end of the week, I can share the AFTER video.  So I am using public humiliation to help inspire me to try and clean like a mad woman.  As you look at the video, you will hear a lot of giggling. I guess it’s either laugh or cry at this point. 

It’s one pile at at time. If I think of the house as a whole, it just gets too overwhelming.   But I have already made progress.  As I was uploading the video, I cleaned off and organized the desk area. Baby steps!!