Inspiration from a friend on the mend

I have this girlfriend.  She has a gift.  Even when faced with the worst, she seems to be able to focus on what’s best.  Just recently, around holiday time, she lost her job.  Talk about stress!!!  A single mom with rent, cobra payments, and other bills, she could have easily have turned into ” Negative Nancy” or ” Carrie the Complainer”, but not my girlfriend.

She has a way of spinning setbacks into opportunities.   And, as she assures herself of happy endings, she also assures me.   Not a day goes by that she doesn’t support and praise my endeavors. Even during this  difficult time, when she could easily be focusing on her own uphill battles.

Then just a few weeks into her unemployment, I receive the news that she broke her leg in a terrible snowmobiling accident.   Her injuries, so severe, she had to be airlifted to a local hospital.    Her doctor this week shared the x-rays  taken right after she arrived in the Emergency Room.  Check it out.

Her first day home from the hospital she set up an office right in her armchair.  She could barely move but was still able to land a job interview.  You go girl.

That little video clip intended to keep her friends up to date about her recovery has already gotten more than twelve hundred hits on YouTube.  Hopefully, it’s not all people with foot or toe fetishes as some of the comments might suggest.

We started this video series when Suzanne was still in the hospital and heavily medicated.  Somehow, we both thought making a video would be a great way to show her out-of-town family and friends that her spirit hadn’t been broken, only her leg.

Yes, nasty stuff.  But she’ll tell you she was lucky.  Hopefully, all of the people following her journey on YouTube are intrigued and interested in her story because she is inspirational.   Yes, bad things do happen to good people.  And yes, it is possible with the right attitude to overcome and conquer.