Who knew running could be so much fun?

Happy to say that I got in some great runs this week as I ready myself for official marathon training.

Wednesday we did just over 8 miles with a 2 mile killer hill loop.  Not to mention cops were all over the Cedar Lake Trail looking for a guy who stole a bunch of money.  We were hoping we would spot him as a group and tackle him, but no such luck.

Friday was long slow distance. We ended up with 12 miles total.  We saw a couple turtles in Cedar Lake where a few of the runners had been swimming just a few days ago.

I’m training with The Lifetime Fitness Dashers n’ Splashers. Click on the link to learn more about our workouts and the inspiring people who are involved.

Also this week I tried fruit punch flavored Sports Beans: Loved ’em.  What’s your favorite way to fuel for long runs?