Mom versus the Mosquitos!

Have you ever had mosquitos in your house? I am not one to complain, but it’s horrible. I can’t even relax in my own bed without hearing that buzzing sound in my ear.  I’ve now endured a few days and nights of this, ever since someone left a screen door open at the house.  Last night, as I was working in the den, I felt like the mosquitos were teasing me.  They would get in real close, hover by the computer screen, then make circles around my head.  It was like they were saying “nah, nah, nah, nah! You can’t get me.!”

I couldn’t take it anymore and I was up for the challenge.

So I went to work with my bare hands. I have a pretty mean clapper.  Is it bad that I got so much satisfaction from smacking skeeters? Are animal lovers hating me right now?

Then my son joined the S.W.A.T. team.  It was great family bonding time, the two of us together on the front lines.  While hubby away enjoying a glorious night watching the Twins at Target Field, we were waging a bug battle at home.

Our weapons included: Bare hands, birthday cards, news papers and bar-mitzvah address lists.

These mosquitos must be the big slow kind because I have never had so much success in such a short period of time.

In just a half-hour we went from 2-16 swatted.

We certainly didn’t get them all.  More mosquitos were biting and buzzing even after I went to bed.

And of course the competitor in me thought it would fun to keep score.  Right now, we’ve smacked more skeeters than I have bites.

Bottom line is, I don’t want to continue keeping score. I need this game to be over or I am going to go crazy.  Everything is starting to itch.   Just thinking about mosquitos makes me want to scratch.  Last night I reached out to friends on Facebook.

Their tips included:

  • Try blasting the air conditioning
  • Suck ’em up with a vacuum
  • Let some bats in.

Have you ever had a problem like this? What’s worked for you?

Wish someone would come up with an app to zap ’em.