Accept and Appreciate the Mother you turned out to be.

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day.   I feel so blessed to be a mom.   I read in someone’s blog this week “Are you the mom you thought you would be?” 

All I could think of is that I never expected or planned to be a mother.  I pictured myself blazing a career trail.  I never saw myself changing diapers, chasing around a screaming toddler, or cooking dinner.  I just didn’t think I was wired that way.   But gradually through trial and error you slowly figure things out.   I’m proud to say I mastered the diaper changing duties.  I dealt with my share of temper tantrums (the kids and my own).  And I lived to talk and laugh about it.   I am still challenged with the dinner thing, but you make the best of it.   When I’m in the kitchen, dinner options are pancakes, waffles, eggs or mac n’ cheese.  But it’s better than nothing right?

Then there’s the subject of Arts and Crafts.   I think crafting causes more anxiety for me than cooking.   My boys learned quickly that  if they asked me for art help, I was great at pointing to the supply cupboard.  But my kids survived.  Next year, they’ll both be in middle school and my youngest actually chose art as an elective.

I guess what I am trying to say is… I am not a super mom.  I don’t do it all. My house is kind of messy.  My kids aren’t perfect and our life isn’t always a bundle of roses.  Sometimes it gets a little thorny.  There’s fighting, there’s tension, there are tears.  But you know what? I am okay with it.

I believe letting stuff go comes with the territory of motherhood.  If I were to try to be June Cleaver, I would fail.  I simply appreciate what I am able to offer as a mother.  I am a great listener. My boys feel comfortable talking to me.  I exercise almost every day.   Yes, some might say that’s selfish time, but hopefully, if my kids see that it’s part of my routine, it will become part of theirs as they grow up.

I believe being a happy mom,  makes me a better mom.  I’m certainly not here to tell anyone else how to parent.  We all have different styles that work for each and every one of us.

But my message for the day is appreciate and be proud of  the mother you are.  The card I received from my hubby today pretty much sums up my life as a mom.  Happy Mother’s Day!