Halloween Candy. Keep it? or Dump it?

It’s almost Christmas and we still have so much Halloween Candy left you would think it was Election Day (just a few days after Halloween).   I did a quick 15 second video to… Continue reading

Long way to go!

 If you read yesterday’s blog and watched the video, then you know I have started a huge undertaking.  I am using my very public blog as a motivator to clean my house.  I… Continue reading

Cleaning up my act for 2011

Anyone else have an issue with clutter? Seems like the piles in our house just keep getting bigger and bigger.    In the past, I could easily blame the mess on a hectic schedule.  Heck, between work… Continue reading

It’s the little things

Right now I am sitting at the rink killing time while my son is at practice.  I have a few options.  I could stand by the window and watch.  (no, boring).  I could… Continue reading

My brother acts like a real life Santa rescuing stranded Minnesotans

Today’s blog is a tribute to my brother.   I don’t know if many of you realize the impact a snowstorm like this can have on a retail business. The timing could not have… Continue reading

Really digging the snow and cold!

  I can’t believe I am saying this, but winter is starting to grow on me.   It took 42 years, but I am finally appreciating all the season has to offer.  Wednesday, when… Continue reading

This place is cool

This is one of those blogs that will have you saying.. remember when we were kids.  There are so many gadgets and machines available to our children now that we would never have even… Continue reading

French Fry Menorah

If you are familiar with our family, then you know we are a little unconventional. Tonight, the 5th night of Hanukkah, we ended up eating dinner at our friends’ house in Orono. They… Continue reading

Why do I feel like I am in junior high all over again?

Since putting myself out there on twitter, facebook and my new blog, I am starting to feel like a teenage girl in a new school, worrying about everything I post and upload.  Will they… Continue reading

Empire State of Mind for 5 Boro Bike Ride

I started organizing some files on my computer today and found pictures from my recent girls weekend to NYC for the Five Boro Bike Tour. It’s a 42 mile ride that starts in Manhattan, winds… Continue reading